Saturday , September 26th 2020
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Patio Umbrella Bases

There many styles of patios and with each style there is a perfect patio umbrella base to match the style of your patio.

When you are selecting a suitable patio umbrella, you have to ensure that you choose your patio umbrella base carefully too. The umbrella base not only serves the purpose of keeping the umbrella straight and upright, it is also used to keep the umbrella from being blown down in windy weather. Therefore, the base cannot be so light that your umbrella becomes a flying saucer on a windy day!

A patio umbrella base comes in various colors and designs so you will have no problem getting one to match your patio. Apart from being matching, the first vital thing to consider is whether it is heavy enough. Most of these umbrella bases have a weight of between 20 to 50 pounds. This will ensure that your patio umbrella is held down firmly to the ground even on a very windy day.

There are many different kinds of patio umbrella base styles that you can choose from, for example, the steel base, cast iron base, granite base, fiberglass concrete base, resin base and wicker base. Different materials are suited to make different kinds of designs, which one to choose is largely a matter of personal choice. However, below is some information on the various base materials to help you make the ideal selection.

1. Steel bases

Such bases usually have very simple designs, thus you will have no problem matching it with any kind of patio umbrella table.

2. Cast iron bases

A cast iron patio umbrella base will give a very conventional look. Such bases typically come with intricate designs of beautiful swirls which make them look very classy. Despite being iron, these bases will not rust even under a humid environment. However, they are usually very expensive compared to other types of umbrella bases.

3.  Concrete and granite

These bases come with stainless steel pole sleeves, so you do not have to worry about your umbrella bases turning rusty. They are popular because of their stylish designs.

4. Fiberglass

You do not have to worry about such bases turning rusty or cracking under harsh weather. They also have a relatively long lifespan as well as being water-resistant.

5. Resin

The resin made patio umbrella base is very easy to maintain and durable, therefore it is getting popular with customers.

Whatever type of umbrella base you have decided to buy, the ultimate deciding factor is most probably the cost. Make sure you set a budget before going to the store. You do not want to be persuaded by the salesperson to get something that is too expensive and you have no need for. Keep your purpose in mind and you will not go wrong.